Centercourt Football Club


Centercourt FC is designed to offer players who are committed to soccer to play multi-season/year round at a high level. This will allow players to push themselves harder and strive to reach a new level in their playing ability. Centercourt FC designed structure is to set an environment for everyone to develop and succeed in. Often travel teams are formed with a variety of abilities which means the high leveled players are not being challenged enough to benefit their growth, while the lower leveled players are not gaining the correct amount of success to allow them to develop into better players. This situation doesn’t suit any of the players and often results in multiple players leaving teams either to find a more competitive environment or players quitting due to not being able to compete and enjoy the game. CFC’s solution is to offer a home for those committed players looking to improve at a higher level and play in higher-level leagues and tournaments.

What set’s us apart from the tens of other clubs. Centercourt owns all of its facilities and allows for multiple areas of practice both indoor and outdoor and the ability to manage our own schedules. Year round staff – Our coaching team is built on full time employees who are year round coaches. Strength and conditioning – CFC has its own dedicated team and facility that focus solely on S&C and injury prevention. We dedicate sessions weekly to our S&C program on top of training to ensure our players fitness and well being is a top priority at CFC

Our carefully constructed program creates a new love for soccer while building the players passion for the game and gives players the hunger to come back and achieve more.

2017/2018 CFC Tryouts April 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, & 21st